QCK QuestionConverter | switch without retyping or copy-paste

opdendrieberg assists teams of authors in developing new tests and converting existing tests to a different format. In some cases we use our QCK QuestionConverter (English) to do this, which can convert tests from one format to another in batches (sequences). Already available within our internal projects.

Why this program?

It offers companies and schools the opportunity to take existing tests from platform A to platform B, without having to retype questions and without copying and pasting.

Examples of import and export structure:

  • Imports: IMS QTI 2.1, SLCM, QuestionMark/QML, Quayn, WinToets (all versions), QuizControl, QuizFormat, Canvas Quiz (QTI 1.2/ZIP), Word/DOCx (raw), Open Excel (ODD), Open Text (ODD), Encoded Text/TXT/DOCx, AI (ChatGPT), open XML (QCK). Coming up: IMS QTI 1.2, Excel (also custom).

  • Exports: IMS QTI 2.1, Dugga Excel, Open Excel (ODD), Kahoot Excel, iSpring Quiz Excel, Loudly Excel, Socrative Excel, Plickers TXT, Quayn package, QuizFormat, Word (DOCx).

If institutions enter into a partnership with opdendrieberg, this converter can also be provided to the teachers themselves for an agreed period. You can then convert series of questions to the desired format yourself. opdendrieberg uses this converter itself to convert series of question(banks) for customers. This is especially the case if you switch from assessment system A to system B. 

This program runs on a Windows PC with Windows 10 or 11. There is no MAC version available. EAN: 7101123555217.