Open List Format | word list or glossary template

Within the QCK we have developed an Open List-format for making word or glossary lists. You can use the OpenWords template to generate a test based on a word list or glossary. The use of this template is free, provided that you specify (c) opendrieberg, if the template is used. You need the QCK QuestionGenerator (paid) if you want to develop questions in our own secured format. You need the QCK QuestionConverter program (paid) to export from the QCK-format to various test standards. 

Information with the XML template:

  • You can enter a word and a translation or explanation. There are three columns for metadata. When generating, alternatives (for MC questions) are sought within the same chapter or subject and of the same type (if indicated) or level (if indicated). You can provide explanations on two levels. You can have alternative answers searched within the same metadata.

What you can make of it with the QCK QuestionGenerator:

  • There are four question types to write to. The questions can be entered and further points, demerits, sources and metadata. It depends on the target program what can be read from it.
  • Question types: multiple choice, short answer, match.