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Within the QCK we have developed an open text template that teachers and teams of authors can use to develop tests, outside of the testing program in use in their own organization. You can use it to build tests in Windows Notepad, Microsoft Word, Google DOCS, or any testing program or text editor you like. The use of this template is free. You need the QuestionConverter program (paid) to export from the template to various open test standards and a range of specific test programs. Besides that we can export to IMS QTI 2.1 format, the template can also be exported to several other open standards and a range of well-known testing platforms. Prefer to use an editor? We have that too: QuestionEditor. That program writes to OpenTestXML.

Information with the template

  • There are nine question types to choose from, via inserting a text-tag. The questions can be entered and also: points, demerits, sources and metadata. It depends on the target program what can be read from it.
  • Question types: multiple choice, multiple response, short answer, numeric, open, match, order, fill in the blanks, select.
  • There's a filled 'Example', where you will find detailed examples for each question type to be used.
  • Disadvantage of this template: no formatting is possible and no use of HTML is allowed. The text is stored as so-called ASCII.
  • Advantage of this template: you can use the layout to convert existing text documents into an interchangeable test, suitable for online administration in an assessment platform.
  • More about: [ header ], [ multiple choice ]. [ multiple response ],[ short answer ],  [ numeric ], [ open ], [ match ], [ order ], [ fill in ], [ select ], [ footer ].

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(c) opdendrieberg | disclaimer: opdendrieberg makes this template freely available,but is not responsible for its use.

example of tag-possibilities in the OpenTest TextTemplate