QCK TestChecker  |  see what you got

With this section you can view an assessment file or zip-file and see what it contains. This is useful before converting one or more files. To be used if you download files or receive a file from a colleague. You can then first see what is in the test file.

Openable formats are: IMS QTI 2.1, OpenTest Text, OpenTest Excel, OpenTest QCK, Quayn package, Dugga Excel package, WinToets package, WinToets Excel, WinToets TXT, Kahoot Excel, Socrative Excel, ISpring QUIZ-Excel, Loudly-Excel. Yet available within our internal projects. To be expected: a lot of improvements.

See what's in the package:

  • Date of testfile
  • Technical format of the current assessment
  • Number of questions
  • Number of questions for each type (nine)
  • Number of sources
  • Number of sources for each type (images, audio, video, other)
  • Language (if identifiable) | expected
  • Metadata (if identifiable) | expected
  • Expectation of what will be exported (to a few formats) | expected